Story and Staff

Every people in Parma know Angiol d'Or restaurant,

historical place that seems to be in Parma from the down of time.

Perfectly located in one of the major squares, Piazza Duomo, near the Cathedral and the Baptistry.

The owner Giorgio Ferrari and his family run this amazing restaurant since 2012 with extreme passion creating a unique atmosphere.

In the dining room you can find Maria Antonia, Ekaterina and Tommaso

In the kitchen, since 2017, the chef Cristina Prada with her staff: Etjen, Andrea, Tedi, Giorgio and Ramil.




We are pleased to receive you and meet your request in our restaurant located in Piazza Duomo.



Tradition and Creativity

Parma means Parma ham, Parmesan cheese and also Culatello from Zibello.

Visited by tourists from all over the world for its famous kitchen, Parma has been designated UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy in Italy.

You can always find Parmesan Cuisine's typical dishes at out table.

According to the traditional home recipes, you'll have the chance to taste torta fritta, tortelli, anolini, the famous Rosa di Parma and, of course, our typical cured meats!

Creativity doesn't mean only Tradition.

In our Menu "à la Carte" you'll find some unique and fine proposals on both seafood and landfare.

We often change our menus since we work with fresh and seasonal products according to market's availability.

Our kitchen is a totally homemade cuisine starting from our long leavening bread, continuing with our fresh pasta, to our delicious desserts and small pastries.

You only have to take your seat at the table and we will be pleased to cuddle you!